Remote access to IoT Devices

Remotely Access IoT Devices

Remote access to IoT Devices


With the explosion of IoT devices running complex edge computing applications, remote debugging & diagnostics get inevitable. Establishing a secured connection and having remote terminal access (SSH, Telnet or VNC) is a must for deployed IoT Edge devices. Examples of these devices could be Raspberry Pis and flavours, Intel NUC boards, mini-computers, NXP – IMX boards, IoT Gateways or Custom boards running either Linux, Android or Windows.

Few of the Use-cases these devices are used in the field ranges from :

  • Industrial IoT
  • Energy Monitoring & Optimisation
  • Intelligent Mobility
  • Smart Retail
  • Drones
  • Smart Parking
  • Facility Management Systems
  • Smart Home
  • Robotics
  • Interactive Kiosks and digital screens

Alternative to VPN & RDP for IoT devices

Since VPN & RDP doesn’t make much sense in the above-listed use-cases for remote access of the embedded devices. AiKaan provides a solution to securely access the remote deployed IoT infrastructure from anywhere.

Just follow the steps to easily achieve that:

Step 1: Sign-up at AiKaan’s experience portal

AiKaan sign-up page
AiKaan sign-up page

Step 2: Follow this video to login and onboard your Linux or Android running devices to the AiKaan platform.

Step 3: Click on the device you wish to connect from the “device list”

AiKaan Dashboard device List
AiKaan Dashboard device List

Step 4: Simply connect either via browser or your favourite terminal by copying the “ssh” command and replacing your user-name at the end.

Remote connect through browser or terminal

Remote connect through browser or terminal

Remote device connected via browser
Remote device connected via browser

The complete steps to remotely access IoT devices are mentioned in this video as well.

Other functional features which can be performed from your AiKaan portal is to :

  • Execute commands remotely to these devices in Bulk.
  • Upgrade the devices (OTA) and the connected leaf nodes with applications, firmware or configurations.
  • Discover other devices in the same network & remotely access them if allowed with proper credentials.

Sign-up now to manage, monitor, securely remote access & upgrade (OTA) IoT edge devices & applications.Experience AiKaan controller

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