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A software Controller that receives operational data from individual agents i.e., AiAgents, correlates them and learns the behaviour of the Entire IoT infrastructure through Machine Learning algorithms to produce meaningful insights with features as:

  • Topology Discovery

  • Health monitoring of the Edge infrastructure along with each individual elements.

  • Anomaly Detection.

  • SLA Violations.

  • Application orchestration​ (focused on business applications).


An Open-source docker-based software agent which is installed on each and every element of the Edge Infrastructure to collect more than 50 data points with respect to “Network”, “Applications” and “Systems” and pass them to  Edge Controller, AiCon.

Features of AiAgent :

  • Open-Source.

  • Containerized.

  • Hardware Agnostic​, runs on any linux device with minimal set of hardware configuration very similar to Pi Zero W.

  • Completely Secure.

  • Minimal memory footprint and bandwidth requirement.


Product Features

Firmware update

Single-click firmware upgrade for a fleet of IoT devices.

Application Orchestration & Control

Deploy, Control & Upgrade your Edge computing Applications from anywhere.

Remote Connectivity

Now directly SSH/Telnet to remotely located devices even they are behind a Firewall or NAT

Comprehensive View

Get to know the status with respect to Networks, Systems and Applications of your IoT Solution.

Anomaly detection

Alerts are produced on the slightest deviation in the operating conditions of the IoT Solution.

Root cause analysis

The controller will analyse the operational data to figure out the reason for failures before you even come to know about them.

Zero-touch provisioning

Single-click installation and provisioning of the entire IoT edge & fog infrastructure is possible.

Device Management & Monitoring

We also do device management and monitoring.