IoT solutions for Enterprises

Remotely Access IoT Devices

Introduction With the explosion of IoT devices running complex edge computing applications, remote debugging & diagnostics get inevitable. Establishing a secured connection and having remote terminal access (SSH, Telnet or VNC) is a must for deployed IoT Edge devices. Examples of these devices could be Raspberry Pis and flavours, Intel NUC boards, mini-computers, NXP –

Mender Artifact Creation Tool for OTA upgrades

  We at AiKaan labs are a proud contributor and consumer of Mender open-source OTA upgrade framework. Truly appreciate the hard work team Mender has put in to create such a wonderful tool for the community. With Meder adoption, one of the challenges our customers were facing is to create artifacts. Here is how we

AiKaan for Android

Super excited to announce AiKaan agent for Android-based devices. Now monitor, manage & securely access an array of remotely deployed android devices and applications. Although google ecosystem does a decent job managing google certified android devices & applications, there are custom-built hardware devices. These devices require similar operational support for managing & monitoring the systems

AiAgent on Multitech MultiConnect Conduit

Back after some time.. Hi, we are back after a short silence. So, what were we doing, we were helping our customers to solve visibility and performance management of application and infrastructure in edge computing. Try our latest AiCon controller version 2.0 here This article explains, a simple one-step process to install AiAgent software on

AiAgent Debian Package Installation

We are happy to announce, general availability of AiAgent as Debian package. This article explains a single step process of installing AiAgent on your IOT gateways, servers, and storage units, running Debian based Operating System. AiAgent is a lightweight agent which collects operational telemetry from IoT gateways, compute servers, communication devices, and storage equipment. Operational

Next Generation IOT Networks

AiKaan – Demystifying your Edge Networks Internet of Things @ 2020 Internet of Things will continue to grow, reaching anywhere between 22 to 35 billion devices connected to the Internet, based which reports one looks at. As of 2017, an estimate of 8.3B billion devices is connected to the Internet. What is fuelling this growth?

Things are better in fog

It is interesting to see the way computing has evolved from mainframes to the current day. The Mainframes: Pre and post 1970’s was dominated with mainframes, till early 1980. All of the data crunching and analysis was done in centralized systems. Terminals were just data feeder and data rendering devices. Micro and Mini Computers: Move

AiAgent on Dell Gateway

Why this article? This article explains, a simple two step process to install AiAgent software on Dell IOT Gateway. AiAgent is a light weight agent which collects operational telemetry from IOT gateways, compute servers, communication devices and storage equipments. Operational telemetry provide deep visibility into the system operational conditions. This can provide actionable insights for