Introducing Aikaan

Application orchestration and device management system for IoT Edge.

At AiKaan, we are realizing a vision to solve Monitoring, Controlling, Provisioning and Debugging of large scale IoT Edge deployments. We have built a software controller for smart cities, smart transportation, smart parking, smart vehicles, industrial IoT and more.

AiKaan Controller (AiCon) continuously monitors the health of the system and network to provide you with a comprehensive view of the health of your IoT deployments. Our proactive monitoring algorithms can identify and learn the normal operating conditions of your systems (infrastructure) and notify failures/anomalies.

Remote Connectivity

Now directly SSH/Telnet to remotely located devices even if they are behind a Firewall or NAT

Comprehensive View

Get to know the status with respect to Networks, Systems and Applications of your IoT Solution.

Firmware Upgrade

Single click firmware upgrade for your fleet of IoT devices.

Application Orchestration & Control

Deploy, Control and Upgrade your Edge computing Applications from anywhere.

DevOps for your IOT Edge Applications

Business data not received on the cloud server, do you know the reason?

Our software Agent (AiAgent) residing on the device sends more than 70 parameters to the controller (AiCon). AiCon continuously scans the data and maps them to unexpected events in the device to conclusively point out the reason for failures.

With the above analysis, it becomes a lot easier to find out the reason for issues like missing data, unexpected latency, application crashes and many more such issues.

Are you worried that the health of your IoT solution is not as expected?

Our Controller actively compares the Operational data against learnt or configurable SLAs to report any sort of SLA violations with respect to your whole system.

This will help you to work on the broken components of your IoT solution to see better uptime.

A sudden change in the behaviour of your IoT Solution, bothered to dig deep?

Our solution continuously learns the best-operating conditions of your entire IoT solution and proactively detects the parameters which are deviating from the learned data set.

This helps admins have clear visibility with respect to unnoticed functional changes in the whole system.

Analysing Data on the cloud appears to be costly with respect to latency and price, thinking about edge & fog?

Our Edge & Fog controller helps you to quickly provision a completely new IoT Edge & Fog site within a fraction of a second, from maintaining the hardware infrastructure including the respective CPUs and GPUs to controlling application movements on the Edge & Fog infrastructure.

This controller helps in bringing cloud ease to the Edge & Fog site.

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What our Partners say about us



“Using xxxx (other tool) for connectivity and in case of reboot, it is calling an external factory person and co-ordinating and/or reboot, all of this in total takes easily 30 minutes. So with AiCon saved on 30 minutes of our time in case of any remote debugging and/or reboot requirements. “

Anand, C.T.O,



“We had our devices running under-voltage, that was causing a device reset at random time, AiCon controller helped us isolate the issue and with the subsequent fix device uptime improved drastically .”


Uncanny Vision

” As we are scaling ahead with more number deployments and increased customer sites, our DevOps could ensure maximum uptime across multiple edge sites and could react quickly to any performance issue with the help of AiCon controller”


Astro Energy

”  I would recommend you to check out AiKaan (  which we have been using for managing our IoT device /gateway infrastructure, highly helping us in detecting various performance issues like Under-voltage, network connection and also deploying the firmware updates.”

Ashok Kumar V
Artro Energy