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Introducing AiKaan


"Roughly 90% of the complexity at the edge is software-related"

- Machnation Research

Network is the weakest link in the complete IOT Edge deployments.

Remote Location

Remotely Located

Scaled Deployment

Scale Deployments

Open to Environment

Open to Environment

No Redundancy

Price Sensitive/No Redundancy


AiKaan ensures Predictable, Reliable and Secure data transfer from source (sensor) to sink (Cloud)

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Network Monitoring

AiKaan eliminates the need for you to constantly monitor the network. The machine intelligence in the system identify the right notifications and triggers that can cause failure and give you real-time critical alerts, based on current status and past history.

Intuitive Interface to debug the network

A conversational interface with natural English language makes it easy to interact with the system. No more clicks or complex CLI (command line interface). Chat with the system, ask for what you are looking for. The machine learning system, assists you with debugging and troubleshooting.

Intuitive Interface
Zero Touch Provisioning

Zero touch Provisioning

Roll out huge number of IOT gateways, with zero provisioning. Our certificate based tunnel setup and centralized controller driven provisioning make IOT network deployments scalable.


AiKaan Architecture

At Aikaan we ensure Optimal Uptime of the IoT Edge infrastructure with least amount of Maintenance in harsh and complex environmental conditions. The platform helps Networks, Systems and Applications of an IoT Edge deployment to be up and running always.

AiKaan cloud provides a holistic view of the Edge infrastructure from a centralised location, along with :

- Pro-active Network monitoring and control.

- Insights of Edge Systems and resources (CPU, Memory, Leaks..)

- Application Governance to better manage the Business IoT application.

AiGate is a data driven soft IOT gateway. The gateway software can be flashed on any standard IOT gateway hardware.

The gateway supports most common IOT protocols, most commonly used communication interfaces. The AiGate provide zero touch deployment and setup a secure tunnel to the cloud server, based on pre-installed certificates.

The AiGate also supports a hosting environment to run third party applications, which can be managed via AiCon.

AiCon a IOT network controller, hosted in AiKaan cloud. AiCon performs the IOT network operations, control and management functions.

The intuitive, conversation type, user interface helps fast solution roll outs and simpler control and management of your IOT network. The AiCon controller help reduce the MTTR of network outages, by providing ML(machine learning) assisted troubleshooting and monitoring.

Network data analytics, assisted with machine learning, helps identify right health and status of IOT networks and nodes.

Data broker is first public data exchange platform to share network operations data for analytics.

Network operation data can very helpful in automating the network operation, debugging and troubleshooting network issues. An exchange platform, help sharing this important data to practitioners and researchers. To gain access and contribute, get in touch with us, via contact section.


Chetan Kumar S

Chetan Kumar S

Pronoy Debnath

Pronoy Debnath

Siddharth Munot

Siddharth Munot

Rishabh Jain

Rishabh Jain

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Prashanth Joseph Babu

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Sriram R

Sumukha Kunte V

Sumukha Kunte V

Ravish Ahmad

Ravish Ahmad


IOT Show
Aikaan Labs is displaying it product portfolio at www.IOTShow.in at, KTPO, Bangalore, between 7th and 9th Feb. Please visit Aikaan Lab's at booth # i-78.
Attend BCIC IOT day at Hotel Lalit Ashok, on 24th January 2018. Listen how to start your IOT journey for your business. Aikaan will demystify IOT architecture for business.


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